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Selling your Texoma home during the summer months. This can be a challenge especially for those homes that are vacant. 
Answer the questions does it make a difference to a Texoma buyer if the house has the Central Air on? 
When we are out showing homes to potential Texoma buyers, the heat of the Texas heat can be stifling to say the least . For the most part almost everyone has Air conditioning in their cars but not everyone does. So when we are out there making sure that we have cold water with us is very important. Which we do well almost all of the time. 
Opening the door to a hot house makes it much harder to show. It is as if you are walking into an oven the heat just hits you with full force. 
When you open the door to a house that is cool , the atmosphere is much more inviting and allows the home buyer to take a deep breathe and enjoy the visit. It really gives the buyer a much better feel for the house itself. They can spend more time really looking at the house in more detail. A cool house is a comfortable house to be in. 
It also let's the buyer know that your Central heat and air unit works just fine and can hold up to the Texas heat. 
Setting the atmosphere and the mood will make a huge difference as the buyer spends some time in  the house. 
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 Closing costs what does this mean ?

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Selling my Texoma Home During the Summer does it make a  difference if the AC is on?

The Texas heat can be stifling keep it cool for the Texoma buyers. 

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Welcome to Whitesboro Tx this is a real time view of what downtown Whitesboro looks like On June 24 2017.  We are standing at the front of our office located at 117 E Main Suite 101 Whitesboro TX enjoying a much cooler day with the welcome rain.
Come on out and enjoy this cool rainy day. Visit the local stores and say hello to the shop Owners. 

Gypsy Treasures 101 E Main Whitesboro TX 76273 903-813-8945 They are currently looking for vendors to sell items in there store. Reach out to them for more details. 

Petals Flower Co  103 E Main Whitesboro TX 76273 866-833-4555 Give them a call for all of your Floral needs. They are sure to get together a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Quixotic Fibers Carla Billingsley  116 A East Main ST Whitesboro TX 76273
903-564-3740 Whitesboro's Yarn Shop. They have classes on the art of Yarn. Give her a call today to learn more about what she has to offer. 

Cutting Edge Hair and Nail Salon 107 E Main St Whitesboro TX 76273 There are three hair and nail techs in the office ready to help you get the perfect hair style sure to dress you up . Needing a manicure give them a call at 903-564-7707

Diamond Rustic Decor 118 E Main St Whitesboro TX 76273 903-487-9557
Stop by and take a look at all of the beautiful furniture and rustic decor. They are ready to help you find the perfect items to set your home apart. Rustic Diamond Decor. 

Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop 117 E Main St Whitesboro TX 76273 903-564-4681 
Where color and design are ever changing. Quilting is still as fun as it used to be with Grandma stop on by and see the amazing fabric. 

All State Insurance Wood Insurance  129 E Main St Whitesboro TX 76273
903-564-6469 Give them a call for your insurance needs. 

Nationwide ABI insurance 128 E Main St Whitesboro TX 76273 give them a call for all of your insurance needs. 
These are just a few of the businesses downtown. We will be adding more ... Come back to see more. 

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When you start the search for a Sherman TX house to make a home you may ask what are the closing costs going to be? This can vary depending on what type of loan program that works best for you and your needs. We see in the Sherman TX home search that several buyers are choosing to us the FHA or VA loan programs. Both of these loan programs offer a low down payment or no down payment option to Sherman home buyers. The VA or Veterans Administration loan program is only available to those that have severed, and those family members that are eligible for the program. The FHA or Federal Housing Administration loan program is available to all as long as you meet the credit score requirements. 


Who pays closing costs on a Home?

This is a negotiable item as to who pays closing costs. Depending on the loan program that works best for you and your needs as a home buyer you can ask the seller to pay for your closing costs. We reached out to one of our Preferred Lenders to ask a few more questions that may help in the loan process. 

On a FHA loan how much can a buyer ask for in closing cost assistance?

6% of the purchase price. As a Sherman Home buyer this is what is allowed to be asked and submitted in the offer. But is it what you want to ask for and is it the best way to go? Each property is different and we will discuss the best option for you as the offer is being written up. We are here to help you and walk you through the offer process. 

On a VA loan how much can a buyer ask for in closing cost  assistance? 
As a Veteran there are several options that you have to work with. Talking to the lender in detail concerning this is your best starting point. You can ask for up to 6 percent of the sales price to be paid by the seller. As we move forward in the offer process and get ready to make an offer discussing what the lender feels is needed in closing costs is very important. 

6% of the purchase price but they at least need to have about $2500 (VA won’t allow the veteran to pay certain closing costs) 

What is included on closing costs on a home? 

Lender fee, appraisal, attorney doc prep, prepaid (escrows & interest), title company fees, survey, credit report etc


Which gives the value of the property as to what has sold in the past 90 to 180 days. 

Credit Report:

The lender pulls your credit to show what the credit bureaus say  the numbers are. In most cases the better your credit is the better your rate of interest will be.  

Lender’s Policy Title Insurance

This is normally required to get a loan on a property and is a charge to the buyer. What this policy does is it protects the lender against any problems with the title to the property you are purchasing. This policy does not protect your equity in the home. It only protects the lender from problems with the title of the property .

Origination Fee:  
This is a fee charged by the lender when you agree to work with them, it covers the cost to process the loan itself. This fee varies depending on the company you work with. Ask what this fee is when you start the conversation 

Survey Fee:
A survey is very important as is shows the boundary lines of the property.  Where the house sits and any other outbuildings that are on the property.  ?The fee for this depends on the location of the property , how many outbuildings, are there a lot of trees. All of this may bring the price of the survey up a bit. We have several survey people that we call on a regular basis to help get this step done in a timely manner.  

Are closing costs and settlement charges the same thing?

Yes they are the same, different people just use different terminology

Visited with one of our preferred lenders on this Olivia Eleby with First United Mortgage Group. They are the same thing, one person may say Settlement charges another may call it closing costs.  You can reach Olivia Eleby  First United Mortgage Group at
 903-813-5748 email her at  oeleby@firstunitedbank.com

How much does escrow charge on a closing? 

We reached out to Chapin title and asked what the typical Escrow charges would be on a 150 thousand dollar purchase. This was the response from them. 

Our closing fee is $400 to Buyer and $400 to Seller;


Owner Title Policy is $1,152; Lender Title Policy $100;


Endorsements for Lender Title Policy, estimated $200;


State of Texas Policy Guaranty Fee $3 for Owner Title Policy and $3 for Lender Title Policy;


 Recording fees for Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien @ $28, for Deed of Trust @ $100 and e-filing $8;


Tax Certificates are $10 each;


 Attorney’s fee to prepare Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien @ $175.   


 Without a title search, that’s the best estimate I can make
Thank you Chapin Title for your help in answering the question. 
The fees stated here can change without notice and are only an estimate. 
Title work is always needed, and if items are found that need to be cured to give clear title the charges could be more to take care of this. 

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Own it Separating Wants from needs | Whitesboro homes for sale 

You are ready to start looking for a Whitesboro home. What are your wants in a Whitesboro house vs what are your needs? 

Making a list of the amenities that you really want in a house to make a home is very important. 
We offer you a buyers check list. Check it out here HomeBuyerChecklist
Download a free buyers check list.
Now that you have downloaded the list. Start by putting in writing what your wants are and must haves are. 
Are you a first time buyer and not sure of what the first steps are? 
Give us a call today at 855-483-9662 
We are here to help make the process smooth and easy. 
Here is a short video on How to Own It ! Separating your Wants and Needs..

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Whitesboro Rodeo June 30 - July 1 2017 
Location is at the Whitesboro Rodeo grounds just off of Hwy 82
30698 US-82
WhitesboroTexas 76273

The Whitesboro Rodeo is always a fun filled weekend. What is it that you love about the Rodeo in Whitesboro Tx? 
I love all of it to be honest with you. But the Barrel racing is the part that is super fun for me. 
Here are some more that is going on at the Rodeo 
  • Bull Riding Wow  this is amazing how they can hold on while the huge bull jumps and twists turns hold on hold on..... Yikes is what I am thinking the entire time. 
  • Calf Roping amazing for sure they are on top of a horse swinging a rope to catch the calf as it runs out of a shoot. Quick quick grab that calve tie it up ... how many seconds does it take ... not long they work hard all year long to be quick as lighting. 
  • Cowgirl's Barrel Racing Now these young ladies have it going on... Really they do. How quick can they ride the well trained horse around a set up three barrel's and not knock one down. Here we go run run run turn turn tight make the turn as tight as you can without knocking the barrel down, Barrel one now to barrel two come on run run turn move quickly, barrel three is just about done made it now run run run .... Boom done and all as quickly as possible to score the run. Super fun to cheer them on. Come on out and enjoy the Whitesboro Rodeo. 
  • Cowgirl's Breakaway Roping This takes a keen eye to rope the calve while it runs out of a shoot. Hurry girls you can grab that calve up. 
  • Steer Wrestling  Bulldog event for sure, the steer runs from the shoot, the person riding the horse must jump off of the horse while it is moving grab the steer and slam it to the ground. Oh ya now that is a cowboy for ya. Kaboom... 
  • Team Roping  There are two horses two cowboys running after a steer one grabs the front the other the back to pull it down. The rodeo is so much fun and the cowboys are amazing. 
  • Saddle Bronc Riding
Have fun watching this at the Whitesboro Rodeo. Amazing how they can stay on the horse and not fall off. Another super fun event. ( the video is an example of what you will see at the Whitesboro Rodeo) 

Come on out to the 

Whitesboro Pro Rodeo

Whitesboro Rodeo June 30 - July 1 2017 
Location is at the Whitesboro Rodeo grounds just off of Hwy 82

30698 US-82
WhitesboroTexas 76273 Support the local Rodeo event you will be sure to have a great time.  
Did you enjoy your stay in Whitesboro ?
We would love for you to stay full time. 

Start your search for a Whitesboro home  today 


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This email is so long overdue to let you know what a fantastic agent Andrea is. Her listening to what we were looking for, knowledge of the areas we were searching and a dedication to make it all happen are beyond words.


After seeing quite a few houses, we found ours. After our home inspection and issues that were discovered, Andrea helped us to get the major ones fixed before closing (not a simple task). Then the need for her to stay on top of it all since time was slipping away toward our closing date and lender was wanting this or that to confirm repairs were done. Her ability to keep us calm was greatly appreciated and needed (thanks, Andrea).


I would recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking for a TRUE AND DEDICATED agent. She's the best and we consider her our friend! Toni Mayer 

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Tanglewood Resort and Marina

Retreat to the peaceful flow of Tanglewood Resort in Pottsboro TX. Located on beautiful Lake Texoma, this spectacular resort offers comfortable lodging, a wide array of inspiring activities, meeting rooms and a well versed, qualified staff members sure to make your stay fun and memories made.

From extraordinary dining to a more relaxed pool-side location at Barnacles Sports Bar, Tanglewood Resort offers a varied range of resort accommodations that will allow you to: Relax the day away at one of the 3 pools or hot tub.  One can also take advantage of the volleyball sandy areas, basketball court, horseshoes pits, or play a game of tennis at one of the lighted tennis courts, or just kick back and relax. Whatever your flavor is Tanglewood Resort is sure to have it available for you.

What kind of rooms can you expect at Tanglewood Resort?

There are Hotel Suites

Tower Suites

1 Bedroom Villas

2 Bedroom Villas

Double Villas

Tanglewood is Pet friendly as well. Bring your Fur baby along to enjoy a vacation on Lake Texoma.

Golf at Tanglewood Resort is amazing there is an eco-friendly grass that is sought after all over the world. Enjoy a round of golf on this private 18-hole championship course designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer and renowned architect Ralph Plummer. Tanglewood Golf boasts a 7,000-yard course which features lush Bermuda fairways and is a sure to bring the best golfers out for a challenge to any level golfer.

There is so much to do at Tanglewood Resort and Marina. Boat Cruise’s, hiking, Horseback riding, pickle ball, board games and much more.

Lake Texoma stretches for miles and miles the views are amazing. Spend the day at the sandy beach taking in the sunshine. The setting is sure to bring joy and many memories.

Map here.

Homes around Tanglewood Resort and Highport Marina Click the link to start your search today.


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How many acres for Ag Exemption Grayson County TX

This is a question we get asked a lot. How many acres does it take to have the tax advantage in Grayson County Texas? The answer is at least 10 acres that are used for the purpose of Agriculture depending on what your plans are. So if you have only ten acres of ground and it is used for agricultural items and you build a home on it you will no longer have a full ten acres of ground you will only have 9 acres which will not qualify for AG. It is highly suggested to have at least 11 acres of ground to maintain the exemption.

As per Grayson County this is what is stated

The land must be a substantial tract of land. Substantial means an identifiable tract of land of adequate size to support a typically, prudent agricultural operation. Effective January 1, 2005 the Agricultural Advisory Board of Grayson County determined and approved by resolution that a fair and reasonable estimate of minimum use acreage for agricultural valuation must be of adequate size to be economically feasible to farm or ranch and should be in the amount of at least 10.00 acres excluding land used for purposes other than agricultural (example: home-site land). Additionally, it will be necessary to provide substantial evidence of use, such as described below. If you own a substantial tract of land, sell part and retain less than 10.00 acres the above will also apply. If you purchased your property after January 1, 2005 and your tract is less than 10.00 acres, the above will also apply. ****Please be aware that there is no provision to extend the agricultural appraisal to a tract less than 10 usable acres to a new owner (NO “grandfather clause”)

This is where as a Real Estate Broker/Agent we are here to help you find a parcel of ground that already has the Ag Exemption on it. There are several items that you can do to keep the exemption, which is highly desirable as it will lower your taxation a fair amount.

Here are a few items that will allow you to keep the Ag Exemption Please note that these are not all that are available and you must talk to Grayson County to get the exact way to keep the exemption and how to file for it.

There are rules and they must be followed.

Beef, Cow Calve Operation, Stock FeederCows in a grayson County field

Sheep/Goats Can provide two by-products, wool and meat

Horses Horse breeding, raising and being sold to the public qualify for agricultural use. Horses stabled and/or used strictly for pets or recreational purposes do not qualify for agricultural use.

 Beekeeping shall qualify for agricultural use productivity valuation if used for pollination for the production of human food or other tangible products that have a commercial value.

These are just a few items that can help you maintain the Ag Exemption.

Again please contact Grayson County for the complete details on how to keep and maintain the exemption. 903-893-9673

We have set up a search for you to get started


We are here to help you find the perfect parcel of ground. Give us a call today at


Have a blessed day.

How many acres for Ag Exemption Grayson County TX

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U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard
More VA Purchase Loans
Thank you for your Service.
When considering the purchase of a house to make a home using your Veterans Benefits can be a great choice.
Can you use your VA loan benefits to purchase a second home or vacation home? The answer to this is no you can not.

VA Loan program use must be  for a primary home.

Veterans Administration will help Service members, Veterans, and  those that are considered eligible surviving spouses become homeowners.

As part of their mission to serve , they provide a home loan guaranty benefit and other housing-related programs to help Veterans buy, build, repair, retain, or adapt a home for their own personal use and occupancy.

 The VA Home Loan programs are provided by private independent  lenders, such as one of the local banks, you can reach out the them and ask what VA loan programs they offer you and mortgage companies as well that are ready to help you find the perfect program that will work best for you. VA guarantees a portion of the loan for your house to make a home, enabling the lender to provide you with more desirable terms.

Here are a few of the programs that are available for you to use

Purchase Loans and Cash-Out Refinance:

Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan

Native American Direct Loan (NADL) Program

Adapted Housing Grants

You can visit the Government web site at http://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/

For more information or give us a call we are here to help you find the perfect house to make a home.

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Summer Time is here Check out these  Money saving Maintenance Tips

Just as your vehicle  needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly, your house needs regular upkeep to save you from unnecessary expenses. Take advantage of the beautiful summer days as there is much more sunlight and get your home in excellent shape!

Clean and inspect the Frig if this item goes on the bum it really is a huge item to get up and running again take a look at door gaskets and coils.

Clean up the stove and range hood, it is amazing as to how much grease can get built up on this. Hot soapy water works well to get the grease off of the filter, but for the stove top bleach cleaner seems to work great for me.

Now this is a hard one for me with long hair it clogs the drain all the time. Clean up the drain and tub is a daily task. Bleach spray is what works for me it prevents the clogs and helps with mold growth.

Soaking showerheads in apple cider vinegar is a great ideal to remove mineral deposits, you know that white stuff that just seems to appear overnight. Well not really but you know what I mean.

Examine all grout on the tile floors and even in the showers and make repairs if you see that it is needed.

Check the dryer vent it is amazing as to how much lint gathers up even when you clean out the lint tray each time you do laundry, there is a lint gator that works well for cleaning this out and several YouTube videos on how to de-lint your dryer. Here is an example of one of these videos.

Cleaning up the patio and or deck , if you don’t own a power washer you can rent one at Lowe’s or Home Depot and then possibly get a fresh coat of stain on it to make the deck just pop with color.

Take a look at all the faucets in the house are any of them dripping if so get this fixed the small drip will add up on the water bill quickly. Clean the aerators as well which will help in the way the water flows from the faucet

Water heater this is a good time of year to drain it out and remove the sediments that build up over the winter months.

This is a monthly cleaning item but it is a good one to put on the list, check the filters throughout the house such as the water filtration, ice maker and HVAC unit

As summer time arrives and the weather heats up making sure the trees are trimmed away from the HVAC unit, the recommended amount to be away from the unit is 18 inches from the sides and about three feet from the top of the unit. Another items is making sure the unit is clean and free of leaves and other items.

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