Back 40 Lifestyle Living The Dream

Dated: April 21 2020

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Back 40 Lifestyle Living The Dream

Back 40 Lifestyle Living The Dream


Have you been entertaining the idea of living the lifestyle of the back 40?

Getting away from the Hustle and Bustle of the city life? 

The quite noise of the country can be peaceful and create a lifestyle of less activity. 

Taking a walk with your favorite fur baby can be the rest that one is looking for.

Take a look at what is on the market in Grayson County Texas 

With at least eleven acres of ground. 

Having at least 11 acres of ground ups the change the 

ground already has an agricultural exemption on it. 

Which will make a difference in the Taxation one has

on the property. 

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>>>>> Grayson County land for sale <<<<< 

Take a few minutes to browse what is on the market, 

and then give us a call at 903-564-5911

We would love to help your dreams come true. 

Helping Real People Create Real Dreams. 

A family run business since 2001 

Have a blessed day. 

Laura Filip Broker

Andrea Foss Broker Associate. 

Watch the video and take a walk with us.

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Laura Filip

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