Can I get insurance on my mobile home?

Dated: March 5 2020

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Can I get insurance on my mobile home?


Sometimes when looking for a new house to make home buyers choose to buy mobile homes as they are generally more affordable. Buyers are curious if they can get homeowners' insurance on their mobile home. 


Yes, you can get homeowners' insurance on mobile homes! As your Realtor, we are the resource to help you through the buying process. 


Now that we know as a potential buyer you can indeed get insurance for a mobile home let’s talk about a few items concerning this.


We sat down with a local insurance agent Jennifer LeVoir with Goosehead Insurance and asked her a few questions.


1. What is the first step in getting an insurance quote?

    An insurance agent would need your name, address and some other personal information.


2. What types of policies are available? 

   Cash value policies pay only what the current value is. There are also replacement cost policies that cover the new replacement values. 


3. Will all homeowners' policies cover my personal belongings?

 No, some policies only cover the mobile home and not the personal belongings inside such as furniture. 


4. Do all homeowners' policies cover personal liability? IE a guest gets hurt at your new home.




It's really important to make sure you are getting the right coverage for you! 

 Jennifer LeVoir Goosehead Insurance

"Every home owner’s policy is unique! After getting your personal information, we will talk about what’s important to you that needs coverage/protection and how much the coverage should be. There are policies that can cover just your house and there are policies that cover your house and your personal belongings as well as other structures on your property. There are many things to consider other than just your home and personal belongings. There are water damages that sometimes occur. There are times when a pipe starts to leak in the wall and you may not catch that leak for years, there are coverages for that called seepage. Don’t forget about the foundation. There are many ways to get your investments covered. Let’s get together and talk about getting the right coverages for home."  

Goosehead Insurance –

Jennifer LeVoir 

131 E Main St #9,

Whitesboro, TX 76273 


Searching for a House to make a home a mobile home might just be a good choice for you. 

We have several on the market. 

627 Mitchell Road Sherman, TX <<<<<< click to learn more

17 Cambridge Drive Pottsboro, TX   <<<<< click to learn more 

114 Allen A Dale Drive Gordonville, TX <<<<< click to learn more 

117 Pecan Orchard Road Denison, TX <<<<< click to learn more 

48 Whippoorwill Lane Sadler, TX  <<<<< click to learn more 


Please reach out to us to learn more about purchasing a mobile home. 

Thank you. 

We are a family run business since 2001 

Helping Real People Create Real Dreams. 

Have a great day. 

Laura Filip Broker Owner 903-271-4978

Andrea Foss Associate Broker 903-624-1452

Can I get insurance on my mobile home?

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