Is Now The Time To Sell My Sherman Home

Dated: September 6 2019

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Is now the time to sell my Sherman home?

Is now time to sell my Sherman home



Considering why you want to sell your Sherman home is the first step to making the decision to do so.

There is a shortage of homes for sale in Sherman, Texas. There are more buyers than there are homes for sale. This sounds great for the Sherman home seller, or is this really as good as it seems.

Buyers are qualified to purchase a home, and most of the time they already have taken the time to speak to a local loan officer. The potential buyers already know what they are looking for in a Sherman home. They are well educated in the process of buying a home for the most part. They have already qualified for a specific type of loan program and know what they can spend on a home.

Does your Sherman home qualify for the loan type the buyer is prepared to work with on the purchase?

VA or Veterans Administration Home Loan

FHA Federal Housing Administration

USDA home loan United States Department of Agriculture

Conventional Financing


Making the decision to sell your house, and understanding what you need to walk away with is an important step. Give your mortgage company a call and find out how much you owe. They 

can give you a payoff over the phone or send it to you in the mail. Getting the amount verbally is how most folks do this and then request it be sent to them as well. This will give you peace 

of mind to better understand what you will need to do in order to walk away with what you need.

Get an online home evaluation

We offer a FREE ONLINE HOME INDEX evaluation. This is a quick way to get an estimate of your Sherman home. Please note that this is only an estimate and does not take into consideration

 the condition, amenities, style of construction, the age of the house, possible upgrades you have done and so much more. The online home evaluation is a wonderful tool to get the process

 started. The one on one that we as Realtors provide is a much better source of getting a closer value point.

Click here to receive your FREE HOME EVALUATION 

3. Fix up the house and do the obvious repairs

Take a walk through your house and look at it as a potential home buyer would look at it. What do you see that you really do not see because you live there and it just has become part of the house?

The first step is to do a really deep cleaning of the house. Get out the step stool to clean the top of the stuff we often forget about, but with that said to be careful. The tall buyer will see the

 top of items that we really do not think about. Clean clean and clean some more. Calling a professional cleaner might just be something to think about. Look at the small things such as the plumbing fixtures are they clean and free of leaks

Many experts recommend that you focus on the kitchen first when preparing your home for sale. For many potential buyers, the kitchen is the most important room in the house.   Since the 

kitchen has the power to make or break an offer, you should do everything you can to enhance it before showing your home to buyers.


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4. Have a Pre-Appraisal done to determine the home price.

Have an appraiser give you an official appraisal may be an option that is appealing to you as a Homeowner the cost is really not that much.  You will be 

able to say the house has just been appraised at $$$$ dollars and will qualify for this type of financing options. This will give you an advantage to the 

houses on the market.


5. Staging your home for Success….

This is a very important part of selling your Sherman house. We all know that buyers buy on emotion, what they can in vision what can they see and feel as they enter the home.

Set the mood that you are looking for, allow the potential buyers to feel the house. After all they are buying a house to make a home. When you stage the property you are gaining the appeal of the potential buyers.

Professional home staging is a tried and true method used to sell a home here in Texoma. Some advantages to home staging include fewer days on the market and better offers. If your goal 

is to sell your house quickly, go for a well-thought-out approach to home staging.

6. Now that you Sherman house is ready to be shown let’s talk about the showing process.

Some Real Estate Brokerages use a company called CSS or Centralized Showing Service, which is a company that specializes in setting up showings for your property. The cost is minimal, is a 

great way to keep track of the showings, and get feedback on what potential buyers are thinking about your property. We will discuss with you the showing process and what will work best 

for you. Some sellers want a more personal way of setting up showings, which is understandable. We can talk to you personally on setting up all showings, text and email you directly.

We will place an electronic Key Box on your property Image title

This electronic key box does not keep you from entering the property. What is does do is allow us to keep track of who is going in the house and when they are entering the property.

Of course, if your house is occupied we will always set up the appointment with you as we have agreed upon. This is a subject that can be discussed as to what works best for you. Whether it is 24 hours’ notice or just a few minutes this is something that we will work with you on.

7. Holding an Open House ….  Does it really work to hold an open house? Well, that all depends on several items. Is your property located in the City or out in the Country?

 From my experience, if your Sherman house is located in the City of Sherman an Open House may just work well. If it is located out further and not on a well-traveled road

 it most likely will not draw the traffic that is wanted. This is an item that we can discuss in more detail and see if it is an advertising method that would work for your property.

8. Negotiating offers…

An offer has arrived on your Sherman house. Oh, wait a minute more than one offer has arrived what is the next step?  

Well, the first step is we will set down together and go over the offer and/or offers together paragraph by paragraph page by page and see exactly what the offer and/or offers are requesting from you.

As we look at the offer and/or offers are they cash, need financing, close date are just a few of the items that are within the offer.

If it is the case that more than one offer has arrived on your Sherman house what are your options?

My suggestion is to ask for highest and best on all offers, but that might not be the best plan of action for you. As you look at the offers are they solid offers? Is one more solid than the other?

Are there contingencies that might make you only wish to respond to one of the offers?

That is what we are here to help you with. But in the end, it is your decision. Accept one, counter one, or ask for Highest and Best to both with a timeline to respond. Either way, respond to 

the offer and/or offers in a timely manner. If you need time to respond say so there is nothing wrong with needing time to think things through.

9. Accepted offer what’s next?

You have accepted an offer what is the next step in the process?

We will request the earnest money (add the page link earnest money here) be sent to the Title Company that has been agreed upon within the contract. This can be sent via mail, wired in or 

delivered personally to the title company. Most Title Companies prefer a wire transfer of the earnest money. Once the Earnest money is deposited the title company will send a receipted 

page showing this.

When the contract is delivered to the title company and the earnest money is delivered this is called OPENING ESCROW. This gives the title company the terms of the contract the address and the ability to get the title work started. During this process, the title company will be contacting you via email or phone call to request information from you.

The Earnest money is at the title company, the execution date has been written on the contract.

Is the execution date something that needs to be written on the contract? Yes yes yes this is the date that all the items within the contract are set by. One of these items is the Termination Option.

10. What is a Termination Option? This is a set amount of days that is agreed upon within the contract for a nominal amount of money for the unrestricted right to terminate the contract within a specific amount of days from the Execution of the contract. (The execution date is important here is a reason why.)

During this time frame inspection of the property is set and the inspection is done.

11. TITLE COMMITMENT will be delivered to the buyer and seller for review. At this time you will review the document to ensure the legal description matches the contractual agreement

 along with several other items. Within this, you will find the restrictions and any items that the title company might need clarification to give the clear title. The title company that is on the 

contract will answer any questions that you may have.

The inspection went well, the title commitment is clear what is next?

12. The appraisal of the property. The appraiser will set up an appointment to view the property. Depending on the type of financing that you agreed upon will determine what the appraiser is looking for.

There are several types of financing options. FHA, USDA, VA, CONVENTIONAL, and several others as well.

The Appraiser has been by the report delivered to the lender no repairs are required and the value has been met. What’s next?

13. The lender submits the file to the underwriting

The underwriter reviews the documents to ensure that all requirements of the buyer and property are met. All requirements are met the underwriter has now given the clear to close. What’s next?

14. The lender will gather all the documents for the note or mortgage on the property.

These documents will be sent to the Title Company they will work with the lender to ensure all of the contractual agreement is met and properly documented. What’s next?

15. All documents have been approved by the lender and the clear to close has been given. What’s next?

16. The closing date will be set.

It is closing day the time has been set. You have arrived at the Title Company and ready to sign.

Both the buyer and seller have signed. The property is closed and funded.

17. Congratulations you made through the process of selling your Sherman TX home.

18. Hug your Realtor.Laura Filip Broker Andrea Foss Associate Broker A family run business

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