Perception What Is It Really Interesting Thought Here So

Dated: December 4 2020

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Perception What Is It Really Interesting Thought Here So


Good day to all I just received an email in the header it said Perception what has changed? Interesting thought here so what has really changed in the Perception of the minds of buyers and sellers....

Sellers are saying I would like to sell my property what is it worth???? So as a Realtor we do our research and say okay this is my opinion of value sometimes good sometimes not so good depending on when the seller purchased the property.

Ok let's talk about the buyers of today in most cases not all of them but most of them are looking for a deal of a lifetime..... so perception is what is a deal of a lifetime.... What does that really mean to a buyer does it mean cheaper is better???? move-in ready is better???? more sq footage is better??? you get my point here so as we start the process of looking at properties what really is the buyer's perception is more always better more for your dollar per sq foot.....  the media is saying that the market is down that we are not heading in the right direction so is this their perception of the market does it get them ratings or is it true the market is heading south .....

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Perception is just that it is what we think so as a Realtor my perception is this I make my perceptions, not you or anyone else it is my thoughts or notions so what gives us those thoughts does someone else help make our perceptions of what truly is do we allow others to set out what we think or do we think for ourselves??? 

So what is your perception of the Real Estate  Market .... is it good or bad somewhere in-between do you make it good bad or somewhere in-between?

Please feel comfortable reaching out to us, we would love to talk Real Estate with you. 

Sometimes in the race to get things done, we miss the reason why we're doing them in the first place. This is your day to slow down, pause, take a breath, and allow the worthwhile things and people in your life to catch up to you. You may even discover they're sitting right next to you. John O'Leary 


Let us help you find the perfect house to make a home, slow down and even catch up with life itself. Talk to you soon 

Laura Filip and Andrea Foss a family run business since 2001 


Perception What Is It Really Interesting Thought Here So

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