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Mary was a loving young girl, tender sweet, and kind;

she never had a bitter thought, though she had been born blind. 

When she was just a little girl, she heard the old, old story of how

Jesus came and lived and died, then went back to glory. 

She loved for folks to tell of him who could meet her every need, 

for Mary was blind, you see. She couldn't read. 

Then for a while, she went to school and learned to read Braille, 

but still, she had no book which told of Him who Promised not to fail. 

Then a friend gave her a gift in Braille, which brightened up her dark. 

Mary called it her Bible, but it was just a book of Mark. 

Day by Day, and night by night, with her fingers she would read the precious book until last,

her hands would start to bleed. 

Dan Eakin and his family


She read the book so many times while feeling her Lord so real, 

That the ending in her fingertips lost their sense of feel. 

While Kneeling with the book one night, her dark eyes filled with tears, she thought

of how it had been a light through many sightless years. 

Up to her trembling lips, she pulled the book she'd surely miss. 

"Goodbye, precious word of God", she said, and she gave it a Holy Kiss. 


But, as her "Bible" touched her lips, she had the realization that her lips could feel those dots of Braille

with wonderful sensation. 

The book she thought she'd read no more brought her further joy instead, 

for in her remaining years, she kissed it as she read. 

Perhaps we with sighted eyes should love God's word like this, read His

"love letter" every day, and seal it with a kiss. 

Poem by Dan Eakin written in 1987 

Permission to post by Dan Eakin 

What is one of your favorite poems? 

Comment below. 

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